Elite tokens can make your character more powerful until 30 days after they are consumed by a players. There are 3 different types of elite tokens: Action elite, Intellectual elite and Financial elite

Action elite bonuses:

Receive 3 Hypos, Daily at 12:00AM EST

AP Replenishes at DOUBLE Rate

+5 Strength ... +5 Dexterity ... +5 Vitality

Intellectual elite bonueses:

Receive 1 Hypo, Daily at 12:00AM EST

+10 Timed Action Points (TAP)

+10 Intelligence ... +10 Willpower

Financial Elite bonuses:

Freeborn: Receive one, 10 Million Credit Chit (empty) Non-Freeborn: +5% to Secure Account Daily Interest

Everyone: +10 Trading / +10 Gambling Skills

Everyone: +5 Intelligence