Our rules are simple and to the point:

1.Racism, nudity, harassment of other players in a personal or profane manner... Do we really have to spell it out for you? Unacceptable behavior can be even worse than cheating. So, Don't Do It!

2.Only one (1) account per person. If you are playing with others on a LAN or sharing the same computer with more than one player in the game (at work, family, etc) please contact us with your situation. We monitor very strictly for multi-accounting and this is a fast way to get banned, or at the least locked out of your account.

3.No automation is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, macros, plug-ins, scripts, 3rd party software, etc, etc, etc. You get the point, do not try to cheat, you will be caught and banned before you ever see 2208. NOTE: We RARELY give second chances where it comes to cheating. 'Nuff said...

4.Bugs and Exploits are your friend. We all know they exist and as you can guess, the exploitation of said occurrences is an unacceptable game practice. Now how are they your friend you ask? Players who alert the staff of an exploit or a bug that is being or could be abused may be rewarded with something as a thank you for helping keep the game fair for all. Honesty, Karma, Incentive, call it what you want. Doing the right thing is always the best course of action and as exploitation is just another form of cheating... See NOTE of Rule 3 above.

5.Advertising - We know most gamers play a lot of different games, but game banners or direct advertising for other games is not allowed anywhere on our site. Unless of course we put it there.

6.The selling of accounts or in-game property for any form of real money is not allowed.

7.We will not view or censor any private or guild messages sent to other players. We DO have the capability to view all messages sent and will do so only if it is brought to our attention that someone is violating any other rules.

8.We of course appreciate all of the contributions and purchases from our Nomadic Merchant, but doing so does not mean you are able to ignore our rules.